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"Woodland" Solo Show

These were the paintings I worked with after finishing my post-grad. I continued with a bit of figurative and realism on board to continue with physical extensions of online activity, jokes and memes - continuing it into contemporary Iphone and weekend photography and how that relates to painting. A European holiday in 2022 definitely influenced a lot of what i made. I was looking at Renaissance and Baroque painters and the muted colours they used. Seeing Venice Biennale with a few hundred artists all kind of exploring a theme was a lot of it too, in seeing each country and where they were at with their thinking. I was thinking about Jeffrey Smart and Franz Gertsch for their urban landscape paintings and depictions of youth culture, and also Marcel Duchamp for his diversions in painting. I also started looking at Julie Fragar, Marlene Dumas and Luc Tuymans (his more recent work) towards the last paintings I was doing in 2023.


Blue Balls, Oil on Board, 2023


Mirror Chamber Selfie, Oil on Board, 2022


Woodland, Oil on Board, 2022


Highlights i (Rock Seeing Eye), Oil on Board, 2023


Monoliths (V), Oil on board, 2022


Monoliths (Vii), Oil on Board, 2022

Monoliths (b), Oil on Board, 2022

Amsterdam, Big Brown, Oil on Board, 2023

Max Ernst, Oil on Board, 2022

Wassily Kandinsky, Oil on Board, 2022

Highlights iii, Oil on Board, 2023

Cigarette Smoking Man, Oil on Board, 2023

Universe, Oil on Board, 2022/23

Beam, Oil on Board, 2022/23

Towels, Oil on Linen, 2023

Car, Oil on Linen, 2023

Globe, Oil on Linen, 2023

Floating, Oil on Linen, 2023

Peroni, Oil on Linen, 2023

Vespa, Oil on Board, 2022

Fish, Oil on Board, 2023

Chair, Oil on Board, 2023


Secret Pyramids, Oil on Board, 2023

Samson, Oil on Board, 2022

Highlights ii (Hollywood Bowl),

Oil on Board, 2022

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