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Post-Graduation 2021

These were the paintings I worked with in 2021 - I went back to a more figurative approach and focused on the physical infrastructure of wood as the most presentable for a space for the subject to exist. The works are pictures of friends, acting as a physical extension of an instagram post and a contemporary positioning of figurative portraiture. I was thinking about Jeffrey Smart, Franz Gertsch, Alex Katz (in terms of being okay with Stylism in painting), Early Gerhard Richter and some of the work of Walter Richard Sickert.

2021 yearbook FOR PROOFING 12 (1)_page-0001.jpg

Chill : very relaxed or easy-going (informal)(Alex), Oil on Board, 2021


Skyline Too, Oil on Board, 2021


Reflect: (of a surface or body) throw back (heat, light, or sound) without absorbing it, Oil on Board, 2021


Outgoing, Oil on Panel, 2021


Ennui, Oil on Board, 2021


Lightning, Oil on Board, 2021

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