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Early Tape Drawing

During lockdown period I went on walks with a mate of mine to pass the time. During these periods I felt like I was doing something i should be more careful about, staying out for longer stretches of time and looking at various street art contexts. I decided to expand on a tape idea that I explored in a gallery context in early 2018 were I filled the room with a large skeleton made of masking tape as a way of disrupting the room with a rude presence. I started buying rolls of 3M coloured cloth tape and creating some of these works in reference to street contexts, using the areas I was walking and exploring during this time as my canvas for creating these installations. My process was quick and hands on, the subject matter was sometimes crude, made of animals, or sometimes hilarious like a pair of tape sandals I applied to peoples socks when we were having a picnic. Keith haring made these spontaneous drawings of similar contexts during the 80s and transferred them into gallery contexts later in his career. Similarly I started applying the tape in gallery contexts as isolation restrictions lifted to “clean up” the works and make them within a context that could expand upon the space of a room. To create a less ephemeral vibe with the works, I started applying it to perspex as a way to layer the tape and show both sides of the material that you may not see on a street context, and also in the sense of applying the material in a negative space. Projecting images through this material also made a cool psychedelic effect and created a space inwhich the tape could be seen in an infitum context. At the end of the day, it still remains as a traditional drawing experience in creating sketches on a large scale as well as doodling in the way a child might as he got more and more bored sitting in a classroom, looking out the window at all the passers by.


Big Cat, 2 x 4m, tape, 2020


Untitled, 90 x 150cm, tape, 2020


Koi Under the Moon, 2 x 1m, tape, 2020


The Wheel, 2 x 3m, tape, 2020


Revenir a son point de depart , 2 x 4 x 5 m, tape, 2020


Sandals, size 11, tape, 2020

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